One Week Later

Date: 9 November 2018 | Weather: Broken Clouds, 11°C

With secateurs, a few of us continued working along the road that we are clearing of invading plants, brambles and gorse, taking care around areas where the honeysuckle grow. Beautiful, old island walls that have been covered for years can be seen and admired again.

One advantage of not using strimmers (never really necessary along roadsides anyway) is that we can talk as we work and even chat to a passerby (a rare species in November).

Graham has the enviable job of inspecting life rings on the Cork Islands, and yesterday was his day on Heir Island. Along with his supplies he carried a bag filled with litter that had been deposited in the little shelters intended just to house the rings. He told us about an interesting group called Clean Coasts. Be sure to check them out.