Happy 2019

Date: 5 January 2019 | Weather: Partly Sunny, 8°C

After a busy December during which we hosted a Christmas wreath making workshop on the island amongst all the holiday festivities, in the first weekend of January we did more work on the road which we are looking after in an attempt to help nature create a flower and wildlife haven.

The weather has been mild for two weeks now. Butterflies like the Painted Lady are spotted on the island and the honeysuckle is beginning to sprout. This time, with a mower we cut down the grass verges, which are free of flowers at this time of the year. The grass clippings are piled in a nearby field for mulch in the summer. By hand we cut back more briars from the walls and ditches. So good to be involved in a creative and positive process at the beginning of the year.

*Mowing should be done only once or twice a year, in late winter and possibly early spring.